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Loco Bingo 90 is a classic multiplayer game that you can try on Facebook, Android and iPhone, where you can play and have fun as you chat to your friends on Facebook and meet new people. As you gradually progress in the game you will be able to unlock achievements and prizes that you can then share on social networks. Each week, there will be prizes for the players that are at the top of the weekly leaderboard. Become the best online Bingo player! 90 balls, endless cards and lots to prizes to call by beating your friends, family and our large community of players from all around the world.

Choose from the wide range of rooms that we have prepared for you: Madrid, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Chile, Miami, Las Vegas and lots more. Also, discover our special rooms such as the VIP and turbo rooms or fall in love with the Love room. Obtain achievements for having friends on the installed version of online Bingo, for inviting more friends to join, playing rounds or calling prizes on the online Bingo that will make you enjoy it like you never have done before.

Get at the store many items that can help you improve your game, call prizes and do things your way. Also, discover the offers of the day at a price so low so you will find it hard to resist. Do you want to keep calling lines, double lines and bingos and get on the weekly leaderboard as one of the best players of the week? Remember that the more bingo cards you buy the more chance you will have of winning. Once you have chosen the room where you want to bet, or more than one at the same time, choose your cards, wait for the other players, and go for the prizes!

In order to find out the Bingo Rules visit our help page:

Remember that you can also play on Facebook, Android and iPhone by downloading the apps for free by selecting the store on your device and searching for Loco Bingo 90

Call like never before with our multiple prizes!

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Loco Bingo 90

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  • manuelarb56@gmail.com

    26 de February de 2017


    me entanta mucho mucho mucho

  • Adri Muiñam Mende

    24 de February de 2017


    mas monedas deberian dar