Bingo Rules

Bingo Rules

Welcome to Bingo!


To begin playing look the room you want to play in and press Play Now! Remember you’ll have to buy at least a ticket to play.

The game will start as soon as the previous game ends.


  1. Maximum number of tickets that you can buy.

  2. Price of a single ticket

  3. Number of players in the room

  4. Jackpot for the next game


Bingo is a luck game for a group of people played with 90 numbered balls and at least a ticket for each player

Bingo tickets have 15 numbers, distributed in 3 lineas of 5 numbers each.

The game’s aim is to be the first one to get 1 line, 2 lines and the whole ticket(called Bingo).

Purchasing tickets

To begin playing you have to buy tickets. Depending on the room where you are you’ll be able to buy more or less tickets. The more tickets you buy the higher win probability. The ticket price also depends on the room where you are.

A game must have at least 3 players to begin.If you leave the room after buying tickets you’re going to play the game with your tickets and also be able to enter the game at any time, so this way you can play various games at once.

Each room has a countdown which indicates how much time is left to begin next game. If you have at least one buyed ticket and there are enough players in the room the game will begin.

Give away Tickets

You can give away tickets to the other players in the room so they can use them to play in the current room!

To give away tickets click on the ‘Send free tickets’ button (1), then choose who to give tickets (2) and how many of them (3).

If you are given free tickets, you can use them by simply clicking on the Free tickets(2) button during the ticket buying time and you’ll automatically redeem them and get your free tickets for the next game.

Course of the game

Once the game has started, there will appear consecutivelynumbered balls.

If any of the numbersw which appear matches with any of the ones in you tickets,it will be marked automatically(only if you have automatic mode turned on)

Tickets will be automatically sorted, so the ones which are closest to win will appear on the top.

The tickets which need a single number to win will behighlighted with a different color.

Special numbers

Randomly you can get special numbers in you tickets. These special numbers contain prizeswhich you get when you mark them.

The more tickets you buy the more special numbers you’ll get!

You can see special numbers as in the the image and they can contain::

  1. XP

  2. Playspace Credits

  3. Coins

Getting line, 2 lines and bingo

If you get to mark all numbers on a ticket row(5 in total), the game will announce it automatically, so you’ll get the prize for the current line.

The same happens with the prize for2 lines(10 numbers) and Bingo(all numbers marked).

When someone in the room gets Bingo the game ends and starts the ticket buy time for the next game.

Prizes distribution

Prizes distribution will done this way:


90% of the players purchases(10% is for the bank).

Prize for line

15% of jackpot

Prize for 2 lines


25% of jackpot

Prize for Bingo

60% of jackpot


Gifts (Not available for mobile devices)

You can send presents to any other player. To do so, click on the ”Give a present” button on a players picture or profile.

You can give away any item from the shop or from you inventory unless you’re using it.

Once you receive a present, you’ll be able to accept it, deny it or giving a present back to the other player at the presents window above.

The awards you accept will be automatically equipped and you’ll find them in “your stuff” window.

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