Parchis TEAMS

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Parchis TEAMS - free parcheesi game

A modern and improved version of the ParchΓ­s game If you are passionate about Parcheesi and want to adapt to the new times, this is your game!

Win all the battles and play with friends the best Parcheesi online for mobile!:

  • You and your protector: the best team. Feel the thrill of crushing your rival! Play now and get WIN.
  • Increase your earnings in each battle. Play with your favorite protector, level it up and earn more loot.
  • Take 100% advantage of each re-roll. You don't like your re-roll? Easy! Roll again and get the dice you need to win.
  • New animations and emojis. Send an emoji to your rival at the perfect time 🀑 and be amazed by the animations when capturing Ludins!
  • Missions with more prizes. Do you like challenges? Dare to complete all the missions and win EXTRA GOLD!

  • Parchis TEAMS player guide


    A protector is a magical being that will accompany you in your battles and help you get more loot. Choose yours based on what you need!

  • With Gorum you will earn more gold πŸ’°
  • With Naga you will have more protector XP 🐾
  • With Terry you will earn more gold πŸ’°
  • It is IMPORTANT that you level up your protector. To do so, you will need: gold and protector XP. The higher the level, the better your rewards when you defeat your opponents!


    To level up your protectors you need:

  • XP Shield 🐾
  • Gold πŸ’°
  • Each time you can level them up, you will be prompted before you start your battle on the screen where you choose which protector to play as.

    Where can you improve their level?

    Go to the paw icon at the bottom of the main screen, select the protector you want to upgrade and click the button to level up.


    The answer is, of course, yes! And it is very useful if you need an exact number to capture a rival Ludin πŸ’€ or to reach the goal. πŸ†

    What do you need? Use your gems instead.

    Once you've rolled your dice, right next to them you'll see an orange icon appear. When you click on it, you will roll the dice again. You can use it up to 9 times during the game.