Loco Bingo

The fastest and most exciting social Bingo

  • More than 12 rooms
  • Over 500 hourly prizes. Weekly events and live chat.
Also on Android and iOS Also on Android and iOS

The most social Parcheesi in the world

  • Multiple game modes to choose
  • Live Events and free chat
Also on Android and iOS Also on Android and iOS


Be faster than your opponent. Join the biggest mobile dominoes community.

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Loco Slots

Spin & win incredible prizes in all the crazy slots rooms.

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Enjoy the funniest card game from Brazil.

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Crazy Wheel

Are you good at riddles? Become the best Crazy Wheel contestant.

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Toma 2

Get ready for the fastest card game. Now even faster!

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Play the most famous Spanish card game against your friends.

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The most played card game all around the world. Choose the best strategy and beat your opponents.

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The Goose game

Have fun playing from square to square on the pathway to The goose garden.

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