What requirements are needed to start playing?

What requirements are needed to start playing?

From your computer:

To be able to play our games you will need a Facebook account and have installed in your computer a browser and Flash Player.

The plug -in is free and safe, does not involve any risk to your computer or your privacy so you can install with confidence.

We recommend you use Google Chrome  as it has Adobe Flash Player integrated and is updated automatically.

From Android :

To access from your Android device you must have installed the Android version 4.0.3 or higher and have Wi-Fi internet or 3G, although we recommend choosing preferably Wi-Fi for more speed. Finally, you must have on your device 20MB available for the installation of the application and nothing will be able to stop you!

From iOs :

To access from your iPhone , iPod or iPad you must have version iOS 7.0 or higher and Wi-Fi or 3G, although we recommend Wi-Fi for you to run  the app faster. Also, you have to accept the permissions on your device as you can see in the following image:

Make sure you have free space on the device and you will only need to click to enjoy with us.