What is the bonus for connection?

What is the bonus for connection?

The bonus for connection is a bonus we give you for being part of our community to continue enjoying our games every day more. The bonus for connection is given for connecting in a row which means that the more days in a row you access the game the higher the prize will be until you complete the cycle and start over again as you can see in the following image:

In our games Ludo, Bingo, Dominoes, Toma 2, The Goose, Buraco, Chinchón, Crazy Wheel, Truco, Tómbola and Numbies you will receive the bonus every day. Every 20 hours you can pick your gift to keep on having fun. It works like this:

  • First day of access – 6.000 coins

  • Second day of access – 7.000 coins

  • Third day of access – 8.000 coins

  • Fourth Day – 10.000 coins

  • Fifth Day – 20.000 coins

In addition, you earn coins for friends connecting everyday so invite them to try our games, and earn coins and achievements to be the best social player!