What to do with cheaters?

What todo with cheaters?

Here people play for fun and entertainment. At the end cheater only get is other player’s anger and just do not want to play with them anymore. To avoid this we have automated systems to detect cheats and we perform periodic reviews. We also want you to help us denouncing a player if you detect cheating sending a message to support@playspace.com..

The company reserves the right to apply sanctions as the reset points and/or currencies if a player has not met the company's rules.

We consider per cheat any attempt to get points, coins or credits fraudulently, manipulate the user classification, the use of multi, foreign or false accounts and any other exercise against fair play including taking profit of a safety bug of the game.

What penalties are applied?

We love making games and improving them day after day, despite cheaters take away some of our precious time and so, if we discover a cheat, severe penalties are applied.

The sanctions are based on tests of the stored data on our servers or on evidence provided by the players themselves.

Any suspected illegal or illicit activity conducted in our games may mean the immediate expulsion of a player.