My game does not load or I lost connection. What should I do?

My game does not load or I lost connection. What should I do?

1. The game does not load. How do I remove the browser cache?

Having trouble loading the games? This may be because you have an older or corrupt version of the game in your browser’s cache, which is the information sent by a website and stored on the user’s browser so that the website can view the user’s previous activity. After cleaning the data, your browser will be optimized, and operate more efficiently.

Close all browser windows and tabs you have open and follow the steps you indicated:

Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Delete Files

Firefox: Tools -> Clear Private Data -> Clear Private Data Now

Opera: Delete private data -> Clear Cache

Chrome: Clear Data -> Empty Cache

Safari: Empty Cache -> Clear.

Android: Settings -> Privacy and Security -> Clear Cache, Clear History, Clear all cookie data

iOS: Settings -> Safari -> Clear History and Clear Cookies and Data.

For more information about remove the browser cache click here.

We recommend that you check with your Internet provider if it is working properly and that your browser has updated Flash Player.

Also, check that your browser does not have add-ons installed that are impeding the smooth running of the game. To check this you should go to your browser settings and disable any extension that could cause games not loading properly.

2. I lost connection

All our games allow returning to the game again immediately if you lose the connection. During that time you are replaced by a robot that plays for you to prevent that other players are affected by this situation and lose the coins bet.

Some of the reasons why you may have lost the connection:

  • You have too much lag (communication with the server is very slow). If this happens the server can kick you for inactivity .

  • Your connection has been cut. This is common on very slow connections or poor quality .

  • The bandwidth of your connection is saturated because of other downloads and no fluency in communication with the server. See alsowhat about if the game is slow?

  • In some cases, it may indicate that one of the servers is down for maintenance reasons or technical problems . Please wait a few minutes and press the reconnect button . If you can not connect, try to change the game , because the games are spread over different servers.