Chinchon Rules

Chinchon Rules

Welcome to Chinchón Rules!


To start playing, look for a free game in the list and press the play! button. Remember that you must wager a minimum of 6.000 coins to play.

The game begins when all players have finished their game or when the game creator presses start game and all other players accept.



When creating a game you can define the following settings:


  1. Game Type: private, turbo, pairs or 3 rounds.

  2. Number of players (2 to 4 players).

  3. Bet (6.000 coins at least).

  4. Invite your friends (others can see your game once it has started).

  5. Click on "Create game" button.

Betting: Each game has a minimum bet of 6.000 coins, so to play any game you will need to bet 6.000 or more of your coins depending on the game.


The winner of the match will win coins off other users and points according to the amount of coins won. Remember that if you leave a started game you forfeit your coins for that game.

How to Play


  • All players will start every turn by drawing the top card from the deck or from the discard pile.


  • After that, the you will have two options:

    • Discard a card from your hand ending the turn with 7 cards.

    • In case you have a valid hand to close the game, move the appropriate card (indicated with the text “close”) to the close space. After closing the game the discarding round will begin.

Game’s Objective

To win a game you have to get a hand that contains:

A group of cards with the same value

A minimum of 3 cards with the same value and a maximum of 4 or 5 if you add the wildcard.

Getting Flushes

You can get a Flush with at least 3 cards of the same kind. Getting a full Flush (a 7 card Flush) is called “Chinchón” and it will give you the maximum score, -25.

Ending with a single card with value equals or less than 3

To be able to close a game, all you hand has to contain one or two of the previously mentioned combinations and no other card must remain in your hand or only one card with it’s value equals or less than 3. The lower it’s value is the more possibilities you’ll have to win.

Special Hands and the Wildcard

The Wildcard

This card can be used to substitute any other card in a hand and to be discarded in any case.

Ending with no cards in your hand

This hand can be achieved by getting two hands of three cards (three of a value or flushes) and closing the game with the seventh card. Closing the game this way will give you a total score of-10 points.


A ”Chinchón”

You get a “chinchón” by getting a 7 cards flush (7 cards of the same kind). Closing the game with a “chinchón” will give you a total score of -25 points.

If you get the “Chinchón” with out a Wildcard the other players won’t be able to discard and if nobody has reached the maximum punctuation the game shall continue.

However, if a wildcard is used the other players may discard.

Closing and Ending a Game


When a player closes the game with a valid hand, the discarding round will begin.

In this discarding round, each player will show their hands and the rest will have the opportunity to discard their cards in case they suit an other player’s hand.

At the end of the discarding round, the player with the lowest score (resulting from special hands or the sum of the remaining cards) will be the winner of the game.

Rounds System


The aim of this game modality is to get an other player to gain 60 or more points before you do.


The rules are the same as in express modality but each time you end a round each player will gain the sum of points in hand. The first one in gaining 60 or more will loose the game. The player with less points will win the game.

Rounds System


At the end of a round you will see the result’s window

  1. Time left to the next round.

  2. Total gained points of the game.

  3. Gained points of the previous round.

  4. List of cards left in hand and their points.



You can send presents to any other player. To do so, click on the ”Give a present” button on a players picture or profile.

You can give away any item from the shop or from you inventory unless you’re using it.

Once you receive a present, you’ll be able to accept it, deny it or giving a present back to the other player at the presents window above.

The awards you accept will be automatically equipped and you’ll find them in “your stuff” window.