Can I buy safely?

Can I buy safely?

All payment methods through which you can buy Playspace virtual goods are safe and can be controlled by you any moment to see what you bought through any of the different payment platforms that we have available.

Each payment gateway controls its own security ensuring that the data will not be disclosed to third parties. These transactions are always made via a secure connection (SSL) and you can always modify and delete any information at any time.

Playspace does not store payment data as it will be stored in their own payment gateway.

Facebook supports over 80 payment methods worldwide, including the most common and safe ones such as:

  • Credit cards: American Express , Discover, MasterCard , Visa

  • PayPal

  • Mobile phone number

You can also make payments with your Android device through the Playstore, from iOS through iTunes and from our through Paypal. These are also safe and you will always have knowledge of the movements you make.

Here you have, for each of the platforms the purchasing information and support so that you can manage it whenever you have a problem or query: