Luno online from Playspace is a coloured card game popularly known as UNO which is played in all countries around the world. Now you can play it online wherever you prefer from Facebook, Android and iPhone. The game has a special deck, with different characteristics than Spanish and English cards. The deck contains 2 types of cards: normal cards and special or wilds cards, and they are all in four colours: blue, red, green and yellow.

The first player to successfully unload all their cards is the only player who win that game. You have to put down your cards in accordance with the move of the player before you, trying to discard all your cards before everyone else!

Be the first player to run out of cards and you will be proclaimed winner of the game. Don’t forget to say “Last one!” when you only have one card left, as if you don’t, your opponents can make you take two more cards from the deck and maybe you miss the opportunity to win. Think about the best strategy and use your cards for win the battle.

If you have any question about how Luno works you can find out the Luno Rules at our help page.

Will you be the first one among your opponents to run out of cards at Luno online? As you gradually progress in the game you will be able to unlock achievements and prizes that you can then share with your friends. There will be special prizes for the winners of the weekly leaderboard. Become the best Luno online player! Change color! Skip! Last one! Be the first one to run out of cards and beat all of your friends!

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Invite everyone to play the most famous colourful card game, make your friends part of our community of players or meet new players from all around the world. Will you be the best? Try it now on our website or Facebook, or download for your iPhone and Android if you prefer to enjoy it wherever and whenever you want.

What are you waiting for? Luno online awaits for you to have lots of fun!

Good luck!

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  • Aurora Santos Baez

    22 de March de 2017


    yo le doy los cinco estrellas


    1 de March de 2017