Online Parcheesi is a classic multiplayer board game for Android devices, iPhone iPad and on Facebook where you can play with our community of players , challenge your friends and enjoy. As you gradually progress in the game you will be able to unlock new achievements and get awesome prizes that you can then share with all of them. Be the best player of the week and earn incredible prizes being at the leaderboard.

There are 3 ways to play online Parcheesi. The bravest players can click on the “Play now” button and enter at random rounds, you can also choose a game from the list at the “See rounds” section where you will be able to choose the game you like the most by seeing the number of players, their names, the type of game and the bet. Or, you can “Create a game” by choosing your favourite options. Classic rounds, pairs, turbo or private games are available to play with your friends. Play now and enjoy every day with us.

Discover the shop and personalise your game with counters, ways of killing, items for the chat, charms and play the game your way. Participate in tournaments with players from around the world, win prizes as the game advances, chat in one of our rooms and get to know everyone. Do you have any doubts? Remember that you can find the Parcheesi rules in our help section within the game itself or by clicking here:


Invite your friends to play online Parcheesi and obtain coins for doing so. You will also be able to obtain any item that you want in the game in order to give them a great welcome, the more of us the merrier!

Become the best Parcheesi player! Manage to put all of your pawns before the rest of players and beat everyone! Share your victories on social networks so that everyone can see who is the best.

Are you daring enough?

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  • Leonela Quintero

    22 de February de 2017



  • Juan K Sanchez Infante

    21 de February de 2017


    muy bueno y entretenido, lastima que ya no dan al menos un credito....