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Dominoes is quite possibly one of the oldest games of which there are historical records. The oldest written document mentioning the game can be traced back over a thousand years, in China. But it wasn't until the 18th century that it made its way to Europe, first in Italy, and later spread throughout the Western world, where it underwent slight changes with regard to its Chinese origins.

We at Playspace have put all our effort and enthusiasm into bringing this classic game to the digital world, and many are already calling Online Dominoes by Playspace the number-one free dominoes game.

How do I play Dominoes?

The aim of dominoes is to place all your tiles on the table before your opponents by linking up like numbers, as well as getting rid of the tiles with the highest value or blocking other players.

You have three options to start a game: randomly accessing a pre-created game, choosing a pre-created game that best suits your game preferences, or creating your own game however you like. If you select this last option, once you reach Level 5 in the game, you can choose whether you prefer to play a private game, in pairs, in 3 rounds or turbo. You can also choose the number of players and what to bet. Once you've selected your options, click "Create" and play to win!

Want to know more about Online Dominoes by Playspace? Read the Rules of Dominoes.


The game is won by whoever plays all their tiles first, who will then collect all the points from their opponents' remaining tiles, although there are other ways for the game to end: It might occur that none of the players can put down a tile, in which case the game is blocked and the players count up the points of their remaining tiles and the player with the fewest points wins. Because the "double-blank" tile equals zero points, it may occur that one of the players will lay down all their tiles and another will be left with the "double-blank" tile. In this case, the game is considered a draw, and the victory is given to the player who had started the game.

This may also occur when two players end the game with the same number of points, in which the case the player whose "hand" it was would be the winner, or the player nearest that person.

How do I sign up?

Signing up for Dominoes, or any other game by Playspace, is quick and easy. Above this description, on the right side of the game icon, you will find three different ways of signing up. The sign-up buttons on the Playspace platform homepage are to the left of the games.

  • First, you can sign up through your Facebook account, so you can challenge your friends to private games. If they haven't signed up yet on Playspace, you can send them an invitation so they can join.
  • Another way of playing is by using your Google account, simply by giving your Gmail address.
  • Finally, you can create a Playspace account with any nickname you like.

So you prefer to play on your mobile devices? We have the solution, as we have developed Dominoes for smartphones and tablets, for both iOS and Android operating systems. You will find links to download them below this description.

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