Argentinian Truco

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Argentinian Truco online from Playspace is a multiplayer game with which you can improve your strategy and challenge your friends and the rest of players at Playspace community.

Truco is an online game with several game modes that will fit your game preferences. Play now and select your favorite mode: Argentinian Truco, Balearic Truco, Valencian Truco, Venezuelan Truco, Truco Paulista y Truco Mineiro. Do you dare to try all of Truco game modes?

In each of these game modes you will enjoy one of the most popular card game in the world and you will play the game with different Truco rules, depending of the modality that you are playing. You can access to Truco online from different devices: computer, mobile phone or tablet (regardless you use iOs or Android).

The aim of Truco multiplayer is to win more “chicos” than your opponent. “Chicos” are rounds with a predetermined number of points (it will change depending on the kind of game you choose). This points are achieved by wining bets known as “Trucos” or “Envidos” which you can launch on each hand. Every hand comprises a total of three tricks. The player who proclames himself as a winner will be the one that wins two of the three tricks of the hand reaching the total points of the chico depending on the game mode.

Are you the kind of player who take risks and always control the game? Launch “Envido” to your opponents to win a hand and launch “Truco” to be the first to reach out to 24 points and win a “chico”. Are you ready? You will have many options at each game!

Play Truco now! It is so easy! If you have not yet played Truco online, you can visit our help page to learn the Truco rules, or just visit it to improve your strategy and solve all doubts.

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Argentinian Truco Reviews

Argentinian Truco

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    13 de Mayıs de 2018


    no pude jugar

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    24 de Nisan de 2018


    احلا صباحو ♥