Regole di Numbies

Regole di Numbies

Welcome to the Numbies Rules!

Numbies is a social game based around skill and numbers. It is played between two players (1 vs 1) and you can challenge your friends or take on an entire community of players.


Aim of the game

The aim of the game is to get a higher score by adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers on the board. Use your best strategy to choose numbies and become the best player at this new skill and strategy game.


How the game is played

The game is played on a board with a certain number of squares that increases as the game becomes more difficult. Each square has a positive or negative number (except for special squares), where players face off against one another. 

The game is very simple: players take turns to choose squares that they add or subtract from their scoreboard, however, they are limited by their opponent’s previous choice, and likewise, they also condition their opponent’s next move. This is because one of the players can only move in the columns, and the other can only move in rows. When one of the players chooses a square, the other can only choose squares in the same row/column.

For that reason, it is possible to adopt simple strategies such as always choosing the largest of the available squares, or more complex strategies such as trying to harm your opponent with their next choices.

At the end, the winner is whoever has accumulated the highest number of points by the time the game ends, which is when there are no numbies left on the board or possible moves.

*Please note: When a player chooses a numbie from their row or column and their opponent only has one numbie left to choose, the numbie will be assigned to the player automatically in order to make the game faster and more fun.  


Main menu

In the main menu you can choose between 5 options:


  1. Play now: You will access games in play, push the “Play now!” button to enter a random game or choose “create a game” where you can configure the game however you like (see the section on configuring games)
  2. Invite friends: You can invite your friends to join the game. The more friends you invite, the more free coins you will be given and the more fun you will have by becoming the best Numbies player out of everyone.
  3. Ranking: Check who the ranking winners are for the current and previous weeks.
  4. Achievements: Here you will see your history of achievements. You can check to see what challenges you can aim to achieve next and the prizes you will get for doing so.
  5. Help: You have clicked on it and we will resolve all of your queries.
  6. Tournaments: When the tournament cup is pink, it means that there is a tournament coming up soon. Click on it, consult the tournament conditions and join to become number 1.


Begin a game

In order to begin a game you need to press the “Play now!” button in the main menu. Once you have pressed it, you will have two options for starting a game.


  1. “Play now!” means you will begin a random game.
  2. “Create a game” will allow you to configure the game settings with your own preferences (go to the section about creating games)

You can also challenge your friends by selecting the challenge option via either of the two choices below:


  1. By selecting one of the players who are connected in the chat feature. You can open their profile and select the “challenge” option
  2. By selecting one of your friends on Facebook via the bottom menu where you will see the “Challenge” button.


Configuring games

Within the “create a game” section you will see all of the different options that are available for games.


Difficulty: Choose between 4 difficulty levels. The difficulty levels will be gradually unlocked as you increase your playing level.

EASY LEVEL: Take your first steps and beat opponents! Played on a 6x6 board. Choose numbies from between -7 and 7 and get more points than your opponent. You will have an extra King worth 12 points. Go for it!

NORMAL LEVEL: Earn victory and fly towards success. Played on an 8x8 board. Choose numbies from -9 to 9 and get more points than your opponent. You will have an extra King worth 15 points. Go for it! Hidden inside the boxes with a question mark are numbies that can be positive or negative. Are you willing to take the risk?

DIFFICULT LEVEL: Show your skills and stun everyone! Played on an 8x8 board. Choose numbies from -12 to 12 and get more points than your opponent. You will have extra Kings worth 18 points. Go for it! The squares with a question mark hide positive or negative numbies. Will you bet on them?

EXPERT LEVEL: Do you dare to play with fire? Played on a 10x10 board. Choose numbies from -12 to 12 and get more points that your opponent. You will have extra Kings worth 18 points. Go for it! Squares marked with a question mark hide positive or negative numbies. Will you be daring enough?


Normal board: Play with a single board. You will have a positive or negative Numbie in each square to be added to your points scoreboard when you click in it.

Double board: Be careful! You will have a complete second board under the main one. With this option, when you click on a Numbie, another will appear underneath it. This is only for the bravest and most skilful players!


Quick game: In quick games, users have 2 minutes to take their turn. You can have various Numbies games going at the same time. However, remember to move before 2 minutes pass if you do not want to lose the game!

Classic game: With classic games, each turn can last 2 days. You can take up to 2 days to move and have various games in play at the same time. Remember that if you miss your turn, you will lose your bet and therefore the game. Go for it!


Bet: Select your bet with the bar by moving it sideways until you reach your chosen quantity. The minimum bet per game will be 6.000 coins.


Numbie Advice:


  • Choosing the biggest Numbie is not always the best option. With Numbies, size does not matter
  • Review your strategy to within 3 Numbies. When you choose a number, think about which numbers your opponent will be able to choose.
  • Do not always pick positive Numbies! Play with negative Numbies too as in the end you will be forced to pick them anyway.
  • Change the game by managing time as if it runs out, you will lose the bet and the game.
  • Be the King! Do not give them away, as at all levels, Kings are what give you the most points in the game.
  • Pay attention to the solitary Numbies! When there is only one Numbie left, the player whose turn it is, will be left with it automatically, regardless of whether it is positive or negative.
  • Remember that the game will end when one of the two players has no Numbies left to pick.