Venezuelan Truco

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Play Venezuelan Truco now on Playspace, it is a multiplayer game where you can challenge your friends and millions of players from the large Playspace community. Online Venezuelan Truco is the most popular card game in Venezuela and it is played with the same deck of cards as original Truco, the Spanish deck.

The aim is to obtain 24 points, or it can sometimes be played to 12 points. The Venezuelan version can be played by 2 players (1 versus 1) or 4 (2 against 2) simultaneously. It consists of 3 rounds, so the team that manages to win two of them, will win the game.

Confuse your opponents by shouting “Law or Without the Law” or bet with a Reserved Flower in order to win 5 points and try to reach the number of points needed to win.

Playing Venezuelan Truco is very similar to any other version of Truco, but it has its own particular features. If you have still not tried it, you can check the help section in order to find out how to play this version of Truco, and in a matter of minutes you will be able to compete with your friends and family. Also, remember that you can play using your mobile or tablet, on iOS or Android operating systems.

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Venezuelan Truco

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