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The Goose online is a game that was hidden behind Parcheesi boards, it is a simpler and faster game, but just as entertaining, and you can play it in multiplayer mode with your friends in Facebook, Android and iPhone. As you gradually progress in the game you will be able to unlock achievements and prizes that you can then share with your friends and enjoy in order to continue playing The Goose online. There will be special prizes for the three winners of the weekly leaderboard.

How is it played? Below we explain the simple steps that will guide you through the game.

Select the round, either playing directly by clicking “Play now” or seeing rounds that have been created by other players, or by creating one with your favourite characteristics, such as the number of players, the amount of money that you want to bet. Or, if you want privacy, you can select the private round option where you can invite whoever you want to join your round, and it will not appear in the general list of rounds that all players can access.

In each turn you throw the dice and have to move to the corresponding space. Some spaces will help you to progress more quickly through the game, for example, the bridge space, where thanks to the current you will go straight to the next bridge located closer to the end target. But beware! Some spaces will make you go backwards or even have to start the game again from scratch. Only the luckiest of players will be able to reach the end space with their counter and earn victory.

In order to find out more details about the Rules of The Goose, you can visit our help page: The Goose Rules.

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Invite your friends to join and show them who is the best. Fall on a goose space, throw because it is your turn and finish the board to win the game.

Become the best player of The Goose online!

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The Goose game

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  • Alex Ramos

    23 de October de 2017


    muito bom

  • Carolina Nunes

    23 de October de 2017