Crazy Wheel

Crazy Wheel online is a classic game where you can play your friends on any platform such as Facebook. Enjoy this game now and become the best player in this TV show classic, where you can win prizes in coins, credits, points and lots more.

By buying vowels and clues you could solve the panel before your opponents. So spin the wheel and solve the panel!

Choose the language you like to play any of the panels at the main menu. If you also like to play exciting games, click on the “Create round” button, choose between the different special rounds (pairs, private, turbo or 3 rounds), set your bet and challenge your friends. Remember to customize your game in order to become the best player!

Discover what is hidden behind all of the pockets on the wheel, spin it as strongly as possible and win! Be careful, do not land on the bankruptcy pocket as you will lose all the points you have amassed! Remember that with the Wild you will avoid losing your turn if you fall on bankrupt and if you have a Super Wild you will avoid losing your turn and you will keep your points.

To keep the game more exiciting, on all of the panels there is a pocket with a surprise prize, get the letter of that pocket and the prize will be yours.

If you have any doubts, remember that you can find all the game Rules of Crazy Wheel within the game itself or at our help page: Crazy Wheel Rules

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Become the best Crazy Wheel online player and beat all your friends and players!

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Crazy Wheel

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  • Esperantista Kielvi

    22 de February de 2017


    Es entretenido.

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    1 de February de 2017